What we do

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What We Do

Research and Education

Building Clean is committed to better understanding and educating others about the potential benefits of investments in building efficiency and how those benefits can be maximized by selecting building products that are healthier and made in the U.S.  We conduct research, host webinars, participate in events, and partner with other organizations to achieve these outcomes. Click here for a complete list of reports, blogs and other resources Building Clean has produced. 

Product Guidance 

Building Clean has provided guidance to multiple affordable housing organizations in identifying efficient, U.S./locally made, and healthier building products for their projects.  We’ve demonstrated that it’s possible to apply a ‘buy local, buy healthy’ approach to product sourcing that is cost-competitive for builders on tight budgets. Building Clean’s “Buy Local, Buy Healthy and Save!” brochure provides some examples of products that satisfy all these criteria—efficient, U.S.-made, healthier, and affordable.  

Our Zero Energy Ready Guide outlines strategies taken by Building Clean and others to build Zero Energy Ready homes and how to do so while prioritizing U.S.-made and healthier materials. 

Buy Local, Buy Healthy Case Studies

Buy Local, Buy Healthy is a concept and approach to purchasing building products that focuses on supporting jobs in the local or regional economy and lessening exposure to hazardous substances in the home through a better understanding of a product’s ingredient content and how they might impact the health of residents and installers. Watch our series of case studies below to see Buy Local, Buy Healthy approaches in action.